Second Chance Project | Educational Resources
Second Chance Project | Educational Resources

The Second Chance Project is a Mentoring and Skills Development Project, funded by the New Zealand government and is focused on guiding 57 girls (7 of whom are inmates of the Osu Girls Correctional Centre) to acquire skills and achieve their full potential. The project aims at giving the girls a more positive outlook on life, whiles equipping them with critical vocational and business management skills.

The Second Chance Project aims at halting any destructive behavioural tendencies that they may have and build their self-esteem, while instilling in them the desire to be productive law abiding members of society.

Beneficiaries of the project are currently undergoing training in garment-making, cosmetology and catering.

The training includes transferable business management skills which coupled with the acquired vocational skills will lead to financial inclusion.

Young offenders and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds often need greater support to complete their education, learn skills, build a family and participate fully in society as responsible citizens.

Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds tend to have low self-esteem and are often unable to set meaningful life goals for themselves. The lack of positive role models also makes it difficult for them to fight their way out of poverty.

The Second Chance Project is designed to use proven Psychological methods to rehabilitate the youth and give them a sense of purpose and self-worth, whiles equipping them with vocational and business management skills which will give them an opportunity to earn an honest living.

Aside from the vocational training they will be receiving, the girls will benefit from regular mentoring sessions from women who have excelled in various fields of endeavour.

They will also receive training in Digital and Social Media Marketing as well as Computer Literacy.

Visits have also been arranged to industries that are related to the training they are receiving.

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