Hold-a-hand, is a school based mentoring programme that connects Ghana’s young persons (especially those from less privileged backgrounds) with caring adults (professionals) from all walks of life.

The objective is to allow these adults to impact positive values into the aspirations of the young ones. To this end, we facilitate adults go into schools (especially public ones) and interact with classes of young persons for an hour every week.

During their time with the young ones, we request the adults to share their life experiences to serve as a learning platform for the young ones. We encourage them to talk about their professions, as well as how they were able to overcome challenges that came with growing up and striving for aspirations. We view it as an enabling environment for all of us to resurrect the ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ attitude in our nation; so that no child is deprived of aspiring for greater heights and actually realising it.

We believe that these interactions broaden the horizon of life for the young persons and inspire a sense of industry and competency in them, thereby boasting their academic performances. It also contributes towards building the confidence of the young ones, as well as unearthing their potential. But more importantly, it present opportunities for caring adults to engage, energise, empower and inspire the future leaders of our nation to reach for the highest heights in life.

Essence of hold-a-hand

Hold-a-hand thrives on the lightness in our souls. The magic is to connect people – the young to the old; the spirited to the fainthearted; the rich to the poor; the educated to the schooled; the talented to the beautiful; the dreamer to the pragmatist; the adored to the respectable; the gentle to the artful; the caring to the ambivalent; the fierce to the carefree; the disciplined to the liberal and the enchanted to the mesmerized.

All in all, it connects someone to somebody. And the conversations generate relationships; the interactions invoke inspirations; and carves beauty out of nothingness; shaping knowledge, aspirations and laughter in the process.

Listening to the tales, you feel hearts thumping rhythmic beats. Hearing the laughter, you see our humanity glow with magnificence. And seeing the interactions, you experience love, faith and hope; and more importantly how wonderful our humanity can be if we make a little time for each other.

To this end, we work with all caring adults, whether as individuals or under the auspices of organisations and clubs. This helps to promote the communal responsibility of every citizen of our nation to help in the positive development of our young persons.

Over the last six (6) years, we have managed to send over five hundred (500) adults from all walks of life in different schools. We have had an interaction with over seven thousand (7,000) young persons. And these numbers are growing as we go into schools every week.

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