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Ghana Tertiary Education Month Project | Educational Resources


It is a recognized fact that tertiary education is critical to the development efforts of Ghana in an increasingly globalized world, where knowledge rather than natural resources is recognized as the main driver of growth.

Quality tertiary education will ensure that the country is able to provide the necessary manpower needs for the various sectors of its economy.

Tertiary education is also beneficial to the individual for various reasons. It helps the individual develop the academic knowledge necessary to succeed in a certain career. All careers require an expertise in a given area, and educational institutions like colleges and universities help to provide students with that knowledge. Tertiary institutions also enable individuals develop hands-on skills needed to succeed in technical and vocational careers such as mechanics and cosmetology. Additionally, tertiary education broadens the world view of graduates and equips them with social skills which ultimately lead to a better more productive life.


The objectives of the Ghana Tertiary Education Month are as follows:

  • To highlight the achievements of the tertiary education sector in Ghana.
  • To encourage discussion of critical issues pertaining to tertiary education in Ghana.
  • To educate the public on the role of the NAB in the regulation of the sector.
  • To identify and award individuals and institutions who are excelling in the sector.
  • To foster friendly relations among students in tertiary institutions through sports.


Awards and Dinner Dance

This will be the climax of the celebrations where various awards will be given to deserving institutions and individuals. Award categories will include awards for leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, employability of graduates, relations with industry etc.

Tertiary Education Fair

This is a fair where institutions will showcase what they offer to the public. Parents, SHS students, and professionals seeking to further their education would be the primary targets for this event. Foreign universities and businesses that offer services to tertiary institutions will also be encouraged to participate.

Football and Basketball Tournament

The objective of the sports tournament would be to emphasize the importance of physical exercise in academic excellence. Additionally it would be an opportunity for students from various institutions to socialize and network.


A conference, focusing on a particular theme will be held to enable administrators, academics and policymakers discuss the issues.

University Challenge

This will be an inter-university quiz where competing teams will contest each other on a wide range of topics, culminating in the crowning of the ultimate winner.

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