We undertake programmes
to address educational inequality
Our research helps us identify the root causes of some of the challenges within the educational system in Ghana learn more
We give poor
children diverse
Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds tend to have low self-esteem and are often unable to set meaningful life goals for themselves learn more
We act as an advocate
for TVET in Ghana
One of our goals is to improve the image of TVET through various programs and activities learn more

Who We Are.

Educational Resources was founded in 2006 to assist less privileged children to achieve their full potential through education. We fund programmes that help children and young adults to identify and nurture their talents. We believe that all children have the ability to be valuable members of society and should therefore be given the opportunity to develop their abilities, regardless of their family or economic background.

For many individuals, what they are able to achieve in life depends on the opportunities available to them at an early age. We provide programmes for underprivileged kids that help bridge the gap between less endowed schools and the better resourced ones.

In recognition of the reality that disadvantage begins before children are born, Educational Resources takes a keen interest in parenting and early years projects, issues of access to higher education, as well as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Educational Resources also engages in activities and programmes that help to improve the quality of education delivery in Ghana, including capacity building for school/university administrators and teachers as well as the encouragement of more innovative ways of imparting knowledge.

What We Do.


We create awareness of pertinent issues that need to be addressed in order to improve education delivery, and give poorer children the opportunity to exploit their potential.


We also undertake research to enable us identify the root causes of some of the challenges within the educational system. Through research we are able to promote effective solutions to problems.


We undertake programmes to address educational inequality like the Hold-A-Hand Mentorship Programme, the IT Boot Camp, the Leadership Camp and several others.


Mission & Vision.

MISSION. // To provide capacity building to help bridge the gap between less endowed schools and training institutions and the better resourced ones.

VISION. // To assist less privileged citizens to achieve their full potential through education and skills training.

Our Flagship Project.

The Second Chance Project

Funded by the New Zealand government, The Second Chance Project (Our Flagship Project) is a Mentoring and Skills Development Project which is focused on guiding 57 girls (7 of whom are inmates of the Osu Girls Correctional Centre) to acquire skills and achieve their full potential. The project aims at giving the girls a more positive outlook on life, whiles equipping them with critical vocational and business management skills.

It also aims at halting any destructive behavioural tendencies that they may have and build their self-esteem, while instilling in them the desire to be productive law abiding members of society. Beneficiaries of the project are currently undergoing training in garment-making, cosmetology and catering.

Skill development, speed and scale are the 3 important aspects that are relevant to the present-day growth and development module.


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